Relevant Life Experience

Able to identify with many dangerous, self-destructive behaviors plaguing urban youth culture, providing the basis for empathy and creative solutions.

Excellent Communication Skills

Able to articulate messages both explicitly and thoroughly in verbal, written, and visual forms. Gifted artistically and in public speaking. Naturally talented and formally trained in cross- cultural communication.

Authentic Personal Motivation

Passion for investing in the lives of others, birthed from personal, life- transforming experiences of mentoring and being mentored. Desire to nurture positive ideals and cultivate creative gifts. Dedicated husband of ten years; father of two sons, one daughter.

Strong Interpersonal Skills

Able to deal professionally and tactfully with others in a variety of circumstances. Diplomatic yet forthright. Able to work and build cooperatively in a strong team concept environment, as well as independently.

Computer Expertise

Cross-platform skills in many computer programs ranging from word processing to profes- sional layout and design applications. More than a decade’s experience consulting nonprofits on web technologies.

Uncompromising Character

Trustworthy, driven, focused, versatile, dependable, task-oriented, disciplined, flexible, positive, emotionally stable, able to adapt effectively to challenging and emergency situations.